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  • January 4, 2020
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Big Camp – Lord and Lady Somers Camp

Each January 200 carefully selected participants are invited to attend either Lord Somers Camp for young men and Lady Somers Camp for young women (collectively known as Big Camp). These two weeks form the premier programs of LSC&PH, operating since 1929 to provide a mosaic of experiences that are exciting, full on and non-stop.

The aim of Big Camp is to challenge the perspectives that young people hold about themselves and others. Through introducing 100 young men and 100 young women to a broad range of peers, we help dismantle social barriers through an increased understanding and acceptance of diversity. Throughout the challenging week participants’ work together to compete as a team, push their boundaries and develop friendships. Leaving with a greater understanding of their own and others’ potential, participants gain new insights into how they can make a positive impact on their communities.

Click here to download our Big Camp information booklet.


Applications are now open for our 2020 program participants

By bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds, locations, schools and industries to question and challenge perspectives, these programs break down social barriers in a supportive and fun environment. At LSC&PH we strive to support young people to emerge as leaders and to develop lifelong connections and relationships in their community.

Nominations close September 20 – Nominate someone today


Applications for volunteers now open!

If you are over 18 years are are looking to give back to the community you are invited to apply as a volunteer for our Lord or Lady Somers Camp programs. Spaces are limited.

Volunteer at Lord Somers Camp  – Volunteer at Lady Somers Camp