Solar Power Somers – Measuring our impact

The solar panel initiative at Somers was installed and running by December 2018. It is now timely that we review the impact to our organisation and the planet from our generous donors of the solar panels.

Calendar year 2018 Calendar year 2019 Percentage change
KWh used from grid 77,800 52,000 – 33%
KWh exported to grid 0 14,500
Cost per KWh $ 25 cents 32 cents + 28%
Annual total cost $ $18,900 $15,200 – 20%
Solar rebates $ 0 $1,600
Greenhouse gas emissions tonnes 99 tonnes 66 tonnes – 33%


These figures are approximate as the camp was more occupied in 2019 and the electricity price per KWh rose by 28%. Had we not installed the panels our projected annual cost of electricity would have been $24,900 for the year so in real terms the saving generated was $9,700 in the first year.

It is difficult to effectively track the impact of these panels throughout 2020 as use of the Campsite has been significantly reduced due to COVID-19 impacts, however our panels are still generating solar rebate!