Power House Pre-Consultation Survey

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Power House Pre-Consultation Survey

Power House is home and the result of our not-for-profit organisation which has served the Victorian community for 91 years. The organisation focus is with the leadership and personal development of young men and women; and service to the community. The organisation has around 16,000 engaged alumnae and 1500 active volunteers who provide annual in kind service to the community valued at around $5.1m per annum.

The Social impact is clear, and the re-development of headquarters at Albert Park is vital for the future of Lord Somers Camp & Power House.

It is of high importance that we develop the new building to be a iconic destination for many and that it embraces its local community charter which is why we want to hear from you. We want to hear from you so we can refine the design and uses of the building so that in every way, the Power House becomes a strong, and connected community hub.

To participate in the survey and consultation, please Click Here