The Sun Mar 3, 1930 inset 1

The Sun Mar 3, 1930 inset 1

Lady Somers Takes Salute at Rally of 662 Girl Guides

As State Commissioner, Lady Somers took the salute at the march past of the South-Eastern Division Girl Guides at their rally at Sandown Park racecourse on Saturday.
Six hundred and sixty-two Guides took part in the rally, which was organised by the Division Commissioner (Mrs. Frank Faulkner), the Division Secretary (Miss Marie Green), the District Commissioners and a special committee. They represented 26 Guide companies, which included a company from the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, and nine Ranger companies.
After the march past, the Guides formed a horseshoe, and Lady Somers talked to them.
“I want to tell you how pleased I am to see so many Guides, and to congratulate you most heartily on your splendid march past,” she said. “It does all the Guides and Guiders a great deal of credit.
“I am sure that rallies like this one are of tremendous value, quite apart from the fun you get out of them. We can’t help thinking what guiding can mean, and of how we are all pledged to the same ideals. If we keep these ideals, even in the smallest way, it is going to be a great help to the world and to our little bit of the world in particular.”
At 6.30 p.m. the camp-fire was lit under the pine trees, and the Guides sat around it, six deep in a huge circle to sing songs and hear stories.

Ribbons for Flag Race Winners

Earlier in the afternoon they had taken part in flag races, and at the campfire Lady Somers presented ribbons to the winners – 1st Brighton Beach, 3rd Brighton Beach ((St. Luke’s), and 1st Oakleigh, who were first, second and third in the guides’ flag race, and 1st Oakleigh, St. Kilda and Caulfield District, and Hampton District, who ran first, second and third in the Rangers’ flag race.