The Sun Jan 27, 1930 pg6

A Camp with a Fine Lesson

The Second get-together camp inspired by Lord Somers has finished its work )if we may term the joyous activities at Anglesea) and the eighty boys who composed it are back at their everyday tasks at school and factory all the better for their holidays and the lessons in fraternity it taught them. The primary purpose in this camp of bringing together forty boys from the public schools and forty boys from factories and other industrial undertakings is admirable; exchange of opinions and experiences must pave the way to a better and deeper understanding.

On this basis harmony is built. The boys are taught (not with the dogmatic assertiveness that ruins so many lessons) that the other fellow has his point of view; that only by mutual concessions are reforms effected, progress made and fine community spirit realised, and that stupid and snobbish class distinctions are the breeding grounds of distrust and enmity.

Inspired by these ideals the two camps have already been an undoubted success. Why, then, should not this get-together movement be applied on a wider scale? Why should not other cities follow the lead set by the State Governor and provide means whereby boys from various walks in life could meet on an equal footing, discuss their problems, and by these early contacts make the way easier for grappling with the bigger problems later in life. The subject at least is worthy of the earnest considerations of the authorities controlling the schools and leaders in the commercial world.

Much of the bitterness and strife which have disfigured the industrial history of the Commonwealth, particularly in recent years, would have been avoided if the opposing parties had absorbed the simple lessons taught by these boys camps; many a dispute would have been settled at a round-table conference in a frank and generous discussion of the issues involved.

The get-together movement, as we have pointed out, has proved an unqualified success with the boys. How much greater would this be if capital and labour gave it a sincere trial?