The Sun Jan 20, 1930 pg8


Anglesea Boys Surg, Sing and Shout

(By our special representative)

ANGLESEA, Sunday. – With the same vigour and a trifle more noise than last year’s quota, another 80 boys from public and associated grammar schools and city firms have stormed the scouts’ camp and settled down for eight days holiday as the guests of the Governor (Lord Somers).
Although they afford many contrasts physically, their heights ranging from about 4ft. 7in. to more than 6ft., the boys are as one when the eternal and often infernal hunt for fun is in progress.
The weekend saw a solid program of surfing, swimming, singing and shouting with time off for meals only.
After spending all today watching and enjoying the frolic of the boys, Engineer Rear Admiral Syndenham said the camp was one of the finest things he had seen.
“It is evident the get together movement a most important one,” he declared. “One of the things that has most impressed me is the way every youth appears as if he has known his companions for years. Everyone must hope this movement will be successful, and the inaugurators deserve the greatest credit.”
Tonight, assisted by a five-reel film entitled Life on the Ocean wave, he told the boys about the personnel, ships and customs of the navy.
Lord Somers is expected to call in at the camp tomorrow on his way to Lorne. He will visit here every day from Lorne.
Tomorrow afternoon the entire personnel will be motored to Geelong Aerodrome to watch a display by Air Force Wapitis and Moths.